Ring Ring Road Full Course


Ring Ring Road Full Course

Around 180km

Perfect for experienced cyclists looking to challenge themselves and explore everything Ibaraki has to offer, Ring Ring Road Full Course runs 180km, starting and finishing at Tsuchiura Station. For those looking to stop off and enjoy some sightseeing along the way, an overnight stay in Takahama around the mid-point of the course is recommended.


  • 1

    Ring Ring Square Tsuchiura

    Located within Tsuchiura Station, this cycling base has everything you need to get ready for your ride including a bike shop, lockers and a bike assembly space.

  • 2

    Yokaren Peace Memorial Museum

    The museum displays artefacts and rare documents relating to the Yokaren training programme which prepared young boys for the Japanese Air Force during the Second World War. The museum is known for its striking modern design and life-size air craft model.

    around 6km
  • 3

    Roadside Station Itako

    There's lots on offer at this roadside farm shop with a farmer's market, restaurant, and souvenir shops. Satisfy your sweet tooth with ice cream and filled pancakes made using locally produced ingredients. You can also try your hand at Ground Golf, a Japanese sport similar to a simplified version of golf.

    around 54km
  • 4

    Roadside Station Tamatsukuri & Namegata Local Products Market

    Pick up some fresh local products like deli foods or sashimi made using freshwater fish from the Lake Kasumigaura area. The best-selling product is a local speciality fish burger made using catfish.

    around 29km
  • 5

    Shiragiku Brewing

    Sake brewery established in 1805. Open on weekdays only apart or everyday during the brewing season in the winter months between November and March. Tours of the brewery are possible with advance reservation. Registered as a Cycle Support Station.

    around 17km
  • 6

    Ayumizaki Park

    Relax in the refreshing breeze or stroll through the forest area at this lakeside park. The park also houses a local history museum, small aquarium, tea house and traditional houses, and is located next to Kasumigaura Community Centre and restaurant.

    around 18km
  • 7

    Oda Castle Remains

    The remains of a castle belonging to the powerful Oda Clan. A bike rack is available at the information centre.

    around 30km
  • 8

    Tsukuba Rest Area

    The mid-point of the former Tsukuba Railway. Fully equipped with cycle racks and pumps.

    around 7km
  • 9

    JR Iwase Station

    Borrow or return a rental cycle near station. It is possible to pick up and return bikes at separate locations provided you make a reservation.

    around 19.5km