Ring Ring Square Tsuchiura is Japan's first cycling hub directly connected to a train station.

Ring Ring Square Tsuchiura

Ring Ring Square Tsuchiura cycling base is designed to make cycling more convenient and more fun for everyone!

What is Ring Ring Square Tsuchiura?

Ring Ring Square Tsuchiura is Japan's first cycling hub directly connected to a train station.

A collaboration between Ibaraki Prefectural Government, Tsuchiura City and JR East, Ring Ring Square Tsuchiura is a cycling one-stop-shop for visitors to the Ring Ring Road area.

Through providing everything that cyclists could need all together in one convenient location, Ring Ring Square make cyling more accessible and more fun for everyone.

What is Ring Ring Square Tsuchiura?

Facility Map

1F B1F
Cycling Shop
Bike rental
Information & Social Space
Bike Assembly & Maintenance Space
Showers, lockers, changing rooms etc.
Delivery lockers (38 lockers)
Bike rental
Showers: ¥300/shower (3 male, 3 female shower rooms available)
Lockers: Big Lockers ¥600/day (24 lockers available)
Small Lockers ¥400/day (40 lockers available)
Opening Hours
1F: 10:00 - 20:00
B1F: 05:00 - 01:00 the following day
About Facility
Adrress : 1-30, Ariake-cho, Tsuchiura City PLAYatre Tsuchiura 1F/B1F
Total Floor Area : 959.1 square meters
Opening Date : 29, March 2018

What's great about Ring Ring Square Tsuchiura?



Easily accessible

Just 49 minutes from Tokyo Station by express train! The first cycling facility of its kind in Japan to be directly accessible from a station!

Ring Ring Square Tsuchiura - directly accessible from JR Tsuchiura Station.
Less than an hour from the Tokyo metropolitan area - just 49 minutes from Toyko Station by JR Joban Line Express train



Various facilities that can sastify every need of cyclists.

Everything you need for cycling, all in one place.

Located on the first floor, cycle shop Le Cyc stocks a full range of bikes, in particular hybrid bikes, as well cycling goods and accessories. The shop also offers a bike washing service and maintenance so that visitors can make sure they're fully prepared for their Ring Ring Road adventure.
Le Cyc is also the reception for rental cycle customers.

The basement houses lockers for storing luggage, shower rooms and changing rooms - everything you need for a full day's cycling.

What's more, cyclists are welcome to take their bike with them inside Ring Ring Square meaning there's no need to leave your beloved bike behind outisde. The basement and first floor are even connected with a special conveyor belt to help you take your bike upstairs!

Even if you are riding a sports type motorcycle for the first time, the staff will teach you how to ride carefully, so it is safe!


Bike rental that cyclists could need all together in one convenient location.

We have a wide lineup!

Everyone is sure to find the perfect bike for them with a wide range of bikes available to choose from including sports bikes, road bikes, children's bikes and electric bikes.

Click here for details


Information and Social area of Cycling

You can find everything about Tsukuba Kasumigaura Ring Ring Road!

Get all the Ring Ring Road information you need as well as route recommendations and seasonal sightseeing information in this information and social area.

This space also hosts workshops on how to get more out of cycling and how to fix punctures for beginnner cyclists.

Rental Cycle Pricing

Ring Ring Square Offers three kinds of rental bikes to suit your needs and purpose.

Getting started with Ring Ring Square

With so much on offer, it's hard to know where to get started with Ring Ring Square.
Follow our handy step-by-step guide to using Ring Ring Square Tsuchiura
to get the most out of your visit to Ring Ring Road.

  • step1

    Get changed in one of the changing rooms provided and put anything you don't need while cycling into a locker.

  • step2

    Get changed in one of the changing rooms provided and put anything you don't need while cycling into a locker.

  • step3

    Once you're ready, head to the information and social space to check out recommended routes and decide where to go.

  • step4

    After you've decided on your route, pick up your pre-booked rental cycle at the rental cycle reception counter. Staff will tell you everything you need to know about your bike.

  • step5

    Time to go!

  • step6

    Push your bike, following the arrows on the ground.

  • step7

    Follow the blue signs and arrows towards 'Tsukuba Kasumigaura Ring Ring Road'.

  • step8

    Even beginner cyclists can feel at home cycling Ring Ring Road and exploring the recommended routes in surrounding towns and cities. Click here for more information.

  • step9

    Once you're back at Ring Ring Square Tsuchiura, wash off the day's exertions in the shower and changing rooms provided and get ready to head home!

If you're confused or unsure, ask a member of staff!

Inquiries about facilities in Ring Ring Square Tsuchiura

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Inquiries about bikes available for rent at Ring Ring Square Tsuchiura

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