Former Tsukuba Railway Course


Former Tsukuba Railway Course

Around 40km

This dedicated cycle path is largely flat with few sharp turns, making it the ideal course for beginners. Six former station buildings along the course have been converted into rest stops for whenever you feel the need for a break or refreshment.


  • 1

    Ring Ring Square

    Cycling Base, Tsuchiura Station. Use the cycle shop, lockers and bike assembly space to get ready for your Ring Ring Road adventure.

  • 2

    Oda Castle Remains

    The remains of a castle belonging to the powerful Oda Clan. A bike rack is available at the information centre.

    around 12.8km
  • 3

    Hojo Pond

    One of Tsukuba City's most popular cherry blossom viewing spots. The cherry blossoms blooming in front Mount Tsukuba are not to be missed!

    around 4.2km
  • 4

    Matsuya Noodle Factory

    Sample some freshly made noodles at this traditional noodle maker. Matsuya has become so popular with cyclists that it often sells out before lunch on weekends.

    around 6km
  • 5


    Numataya specialises in Karinto, traditional depp-fried sweets coated with brown sugar that provide the perfect energy boost while cycling.

    around 0.2km


    Mount Tsukuba Shrine

    around 3km

    Mount Tsukuba Shrine enshrines the god of Mount Tsukuba, the sacred mountain of the Kanto region. The shrine is known for plum blossoms in the Spring and spectacular views of the foothills of Mount Tsukuba.

  • 6

    Makabe Old Town

    A preserved historic old town. Dismount and push your bike to fully enjoy the atmosphere and traditional streets.

    around 11km
  • 7

    JR Iwase Station

    Bike rental and return facilities are available in the station area. It is possible to pick up and return bikes at separate locations provided you make a reservation.

    around 10.5km