Hill Climb Course


Hill Climb Course

Around 25km

Unlike the gentle Tsukuba Railway Course, this hill climb course offers quite the challenge, with inclines of more than 10% in parts. The Hill Climb Course is perfect for more experienced cyclists and those who'd like to a chance to practice their hill climb skills.


  • 1

    Mount Tsukuba Hirasawa Car Park


  • 2

    Fudo Pass

    Fudo Pass has an elevation gain 280m and an average incline of 7%. The pass is located on the border between Tsukuba City and Ishioka City; the areas of the pass located in Ishioka are particularly tough!

    around 4.2km
  • 3

    Kazekaeshi Pass

    With an elevation gain of 500m, this pass is a particularly popular part of the 'Tour de Tsukuba'.

    around 5.7km
  • 4

    Tsutsujigaoka Car Park

    Hill climb complete, time to head downhill!

    around 1.7km
  • 5

    Mount Tsukuba Shrine

    Mount Tsukuba Shrine enshrines the god of Mount Tsukuba, the sacred mountain of the Kanto region. The shrine is known for plum blossoms in the Spring and spectacular views of the foothills of Mount Tsukuba.

    around 5.1km
  • 6

    Tsukuba Rest Area

    The mid-point of the former Tsukuba Railway. Fully equipped with cycle racks and pumps.

    around 1.1km
  • 7

    Mount Tsukuba Hirasawa Car Park


    around 5.7km