Tsukuba Kasumigaura
Ring Ring Road -
cycling for everyone,
any time!

Tsukuba Kasumiguara Ring Ring Road is a 180km long network of cycling paths
located in the beautiful Mount Tsukuba and Lake Kasumigaura area of Ibaraki Prefecture.



assembled by まめわざ

Five Rules for Bicycle Safety

Five Rules for Safe Cycling.

  • 1、Ride bicycles on the road only when no cycle path is available.

  • 2、Keep to the left.

  • 3、Yield to pedestrians by cycling slowly on the side of the pavement closest to the road

  • 4、Follow Road Safety Rules

    Riding while drunk, riding two-to-a-bike and riding side-by-side are prohibited.

    Use lights from the evening onwards.

    Obey traffic lights and stop and check for cars/pedestrians at each intersection.

  • 5、Use a bicycle helmet at all times.