Mount Tsukuba & Lake Kasumigaura Course


Mount Tsukuba & Lake Kasumigaura Course

Around 80km

Enjoy both the Mount Tsukuba and Lake Kasumigaura areas on this course which runs from Itako in the east to Iwase in the west. The long flat stretches of road around the Lake Kasumigaura area followed by the hill climbs around Mount Tsukuba give cyclists the chance to test their abilities across the board.


  • 1

    Itako Bus Terminal

    Start! For those wishing to arrive by train and rent a bike, start at Itako Station.


    Itako Station Tourist Informat

    around 0.8km

    Borrow a bike for as little as ¥500 from this tourist information office and explore the area without worrying about bringing your own bike.

  • 2

    Tennozaki Park

    This park looks out over Lake Kasumigaura, said to be one of the 100 best views of Ibaraki. Car park, rest area and toilets available.

    around 5km
  • 3

    Roadside Station Tamatsukuri & Namegata Local Products Market

    Pick up some fresh local products like deli foods or sashimi made using freshwater fish from the Lake Kasumigaura area. The best-selling product is a local speciality fish burger made using catfish.

    around 15km
  • 4

    Ayumizaki Park

    Relax in the refreshing breeze or stroll through the forest area at this lakeside park. The park also houses a local history museum, small aquarium, tea house and traditional houses, and is located next to Kasumigaura Community Centre and restaurant.

    around 3km
  • 5

    Mushikake Rest Area

    around 21.5km
  • 6

    Tsukuba Rest Area

    The mid-point of the former Tsukuba Railway. Fully equipped with cycle racks and pumps.

    around 17km
  • 7

    JR Iwase Station

    Finish! Borrow or return a rental cycle near station. It is possible to pick up and return bikes at separate locations provided you make a reservation.

    around 19.5km