Lake Kasumigaura Circuit Course


Lake Kasumigaura Circuit Course

Around 130km

With 130km of lakeside cycle path and few hills, the Kasumigaura Circuit Course is perfect for sprinters. Enjoy the views of Mount Tsukuba and the ever-changing lake surface as you cycle.


  • 1

    Ring Ring Square Tsuchiura

    Located within Tsuchiura Station, this cycling base has everything you need to get ready for your ride including a bike shop, lockers and a bike assembly space.

  • 2

    Kasumigaura Park

    Located on the shore of Lake Kasumigaura, this park is well known for its seasonal flower displays - 30,000 tulips bloom in the spring while lotus flowers are at their best in the summer months.

    around 3km
  • 3

    Yokaren Peace Memorial Museum

    The museum displays artefacts and rare documents relating to the Yokaren training programme which prepared young boys for the Japanese Air Force during the Second World War. The museum is known for its striking modern design and life-size air craft model.

    around 3.2km
  • 4

    Kono Sweet Shop

    Founded in the 19th century Meiji Era, Kono Sweet Shop specialises in daifuku mochi, sticky rice cakes stuffed with sweet fillings like red bean paste. Not open during the summer months.

    around 25.4km
  • 5

    Tennozaki Park

    This park looks out over Lake Kasumigaura, said to be one of the 100 best views of Ibaraki. Car park, rest area and toilets available.

    around 26.4km
  • 6

    Shiomi Diner

    A rural-style diner famous for its huge portions, in particular the Japanese-style curry rice topped with deep-fried pork cutlet.

    around 1.3km
  • 7

    Roadside Station Tamatsukuri & Namegata Local Products Market

    Pick up some fresh local products like deli foods or sashimi made using freshwater fish from the Lake Kasumigaura area. The best-selling product is a local speciality fish burger made using catfish.

    around 14.8km
  • 8

    Japanese Inn Izumi-so

    This modest inn is located on the shore of Lake Kasumigaura. Store your bike securely in your room or in the dedicated bicycle storage space with the special 'Cyclist Welcome Package'.

    around 15.7km
  • 9

    Kasumigaura Community Centre

    The first floor of this facility houses a market selling local products and shower rooms - perfect after a long cycle! The second floor is home to Kasumi Kitchen, a restaurant focussing on healthy, locally produced food. The restaurant offers lunch as well as gelato and smoothies!

    around 18.8km
  • 10

    Ring Ring Square Tsuchiura

    Finish! Grab a shower here before heading home for the day.

    around 19.2km