New bike rental system starting in April!

Explore Ibaraki by Rental Bike!

Ring Ring Road is a collaboration between Ibaraki Prefectural government and 8 towns and cities around the Tsukuba Kasumigaura area. With rental bikes available to borrow and return at 11 locations around the area and easy access by public transport, Ring RIng Road aims to make it easy for everyone to enjoy the beautiful Ibaraki countryside.

Renting a Bike

Opening Hours: 09:00 - 16:00 (except December 28th - 31st).
Booking required.

※ Kasumigaura Fureai Land Niji-no-to(Rainbow tower) and Tsukuba Sogo Information Center(Tourist Information Center) will be available from 9:30.
※ Ring-Ring square Tsuchiura will be available from 10:30.
※ Rental bikes must be reserved by three days before your visit.
Reservations on the day are not possible.
However, bikes may be available to borrow from rental facilities on the day depending on the volume of users that day.
※ There is a limit on the number of bikes available to borrow each day.
※ Bikes can be rented overnight for continuous use over several days. Please contact the Support Desk for more information.
※ Tandem bikes are only availble to rent and return at Ring Ring Port Tsuchiura and cannot be returned to other rental facilities.

★Download PDF for ride-and-drop rental bikes


  • Hybrid bicycle


  • Road bicycle


  • Small-wheel bicycle


  • Electric bicycle

    (with assistive motor)


  • Kids' bicycle

    (130 cm and up)


  • Tandem bicycle


Rental Costs

Models Fees
Electric bicycle ¥3,000 / per bike per day
Road bicycle ¥2,500 / per bike per day
Hybrid bicycle and Small-wheel bicycle ¥2,000 / per bike per day
Kids' bicycle ¥500 / per bike per day
Tandem bicycle ¥4,000 / per bike per day

※ Children can only rent bikes when accompanied by an adult.

※ Helmets are available to borrow for free. Helmets are available in Childrens, Medium and Large Sizes. Helmets in a particular size may not be available depending on the number of visitors.

How to Rent a Bike: Step-by-Step

1、Book your Bike

Book by phone, fax or email by contacting the Support Desk on the details below.

The information needed to complete your booking is outlined below.
Please make sure to provide all the information required.

①Name or name of group representative. ②Address or hotel name
③Mobile Phone No. ④Day of Rental
⑤Rental Facility and Rental Start Time ⑥Return Facility and Return Time
⑦Type of bike and number of bikes

※A limited number of bikes are available at each rental facility. It may not be possible to make a booking depending on the day and number of bikes.
  If you are booking by phone and it is not possible to confirm your reservation immediately, you will be contacted by the Operations Centre after your reservation is finalised.
  If you have made a reservation by email or fax, you will be contacted using the details you listed on your application.

※Please check the usage precautions (insurance, accident, security, etc.) before applying.

Booking & Inquiries

Cycling Project Support Desk/Lacus Marina Co., Ltd.

Ibaraki Prefecture 2-13-6, Kawaguchi, Tsuchiura

(Hours: 9:00 AM-5:00 PM)



Send mail using QR code

2、Collect your Rental Bike

On the day of your visit, pick up your rental cycle from the rental facility where you have reserved a bike.

Staff will confirm the contents of your booking and check that you understand the terms of use including insurance, guarantees and what to do if you have an accident. Proof of identity such as a driving license, health insurance card or passport is required.

3、 Return your Bike

Return your bike to the rental facility you requested when booking.

Please return your bike on time.


Cancellation is possible by phone, fax or email until 16:00 the day before your reservation.
Reservations will automatically be cancelled if you do not collect your bike within one hour of the reservation time.

Terms & Conditions

・All rental bikes are registered with the 'TS Mark' traffic safety scheme and include Accident Insurance and Liability Insurance.
 This insurance covers limited situations. It is therefore recommended that cyclists also purchase their own insurance.
・Theft and damage insurance is not included with rental bikes. Please make sure to lock your bike while shopping or eating.
・Rental bike users will be required to pay the actual cost of any parts such as lights, helmets or keys that are lost, stolen or broken.
・Ring Ring Road accepts no responsibility for accidents or theft.
・Always ride safely, obeying all traffic laws and practicing proper bicycle etiquette.
・Check your tyres, breaks and gears before riding.
・Contact the Support Desk in the event of an accident or breakage.

Bike Rental & Return Locations

1Tsuchiura City

Ring-Ring port Tsuchiura

2-13-25 Kawaguchi, Tsuchiura
Closed:New Year holidays

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2Tsuchiura City

Tsuchiura Machikado Kura Daitoku

1-3-16 Chuo, Tsuchiura
Closed:New Year holidays

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3Tsuchiura City

Ring-Ring square Tsuchiura

1-30 Ariake-cho, Tsuchiura
Closed:Some irregular holidays

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4Ishioka City

Japanese-style inn Izumiso

735 Takahama, Ishioka
Closed:Mondays, New Year holidays

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5Tsukuba City

Tsukuba Sogo Information Center(Tourist Information Center)

BiVi Tsukuba 1F 1-8-10 Azuma, Tsukuba
Closed:New Year holidays

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6Itako City

Suigo-Itako Tourist Information Center(station information desk)

1-1-16 Ayame, Itako
Closed:Open 365 days

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7Kasumigaura City

Kasumigaura Koryu Center

4784 Saka, Kasumigaura
Closed:New Year holidays

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8Sakuragawa City

Takasago Inn at Iwase Station

174 Iwase, Sakuragawa
Closed:Obon(August 13-16), New Year holidays

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9Namegata City

Kasumigaura Fureai Land Niji-no-to(Rainbow tower)

1234 Tamatsukuriko, Namegata
Closed:Mondays(or the next day when Monday is a holiday), the end of the year

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10Ami Town

Yokaren Peace Memorial Museum

5-1 Hasamado, Ami-machi, Inashiki-gun
Closed:Mondays(or the next day when Monday is a holiday), New Year holidays

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11Kamisu City

Kashima Central Hotel

4-7-11 Onohara, Kamisu
Closed:Open 365 days

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