Rest Areas & Toilets

Public toilets and rest areas are free for anyone to use and are located in Cycling Support Stations and other public facilities throughout the course area.

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No. Name Address Note
1 Mushikake Resting Place 3340, Mushikake,Tsuchiura city Parking/Toilet
2 Fujisawa Resting Place 1840-1,Fujisawa ,Tsuchiura city Parking/Toilet
3 RingRingSquare Tsuchiura 1-30,Ariakecho,Tsuchiura city Toilet/Coin Locker/Shower
4 Kasumigaura Comprehensive Park 622,Oiwata,Tsuchiura city Parking/Toilet
5 Former Tadobe Station Tadobe,Tsuchiura city
6 Tsukuba Resting Place 283,Numata,Tsuchiura city Parking/Toilet
7 Oda Resting Place(Oda Castle Ruins) 2532-2,Oda,Tsukuba city Parking/Toilet
8 Hojo Oike 1477-1,Hojo,Tsukuba city Parking/Toilet
9 Resting Place Kangori,Tsukuba city
10 Ono Shiosai Hamanasu Park 2096-1 Tsunoore,Kashima city Parking/Toilet
11 Kashima Shiroyama Park 1-1,Shiroyama,Kashima city Parking/Toilet
12 Kasumi no sato Park 1716,Nagayama,Itako city Parking/Toilet
13 Gongenyama Park 236,Ushibori,Itako city Parking/Toilet
14 Resting Place 50-1,Ushibori,Itako city Parking/Toilet
15 Resting Place Ushibori,Itako city
16 Resting Place Uwato,Itakos city
17 Higanbana Uwato,Itakos city
18 Sakuragawa Comprehensive Park 4-5,Kashiwagi,Inashiki city Parking
19 Wada Park 5020-1,Ukishima,Inashiki city Parking/Toilet
20 Futto Mizu no sato park 554,Horinouchi,Inahiki city Parking/Toilet
21 Myogi no hana Birdwatching 6276-1,Ukishima,Inashiki city Parking/Toilet
22 Resting Place Ukishima,Inashiki city
23 Mitsuishi Forest Park 307,Kamisaya,Kasumigaura city Parking/Toilet
24 Fujimitsuka Kohun Park 1553-3,Kashiwazaki,Kasumigaura city Parking/Toilet
25 Ayumizaki Park 4784,Saka,Kasumigaura city Parking/Toilet
26 Isobe Sakuragawa Park 740-2,Isobe,Kasumigauar city Parking/Toilet
27 Iwase Resting Place 1365,inuta,Sakuragawa city Parking/Toilet
28 Amabiki Resting Place 1614,Motoki,Sakuragawa city Parking/Toilet
29 Makabe Resting Place 53-1,Makabechofurushiro,Sakuragawa city Parking/Toilet
30 Takahama Kids Park 2494,Takahama,Kamisu city Toilet
31 Resting Place Shimohataki,Kamisu city Parking/Toilet
32 Tennozaki Park 442,Aso,Namegata city Parking/Toilet
33 Shirahama Youth Nature House 1466,Shirahama,Namegata city Toilet
34 Takasuzaki Park 1969-3,Tamatsukuriko,Namegata city Parking/Toilet
35 Kitaura Fureai no sato 2175,Yamada,Namegata city Toilet
36 Resting Place Hanjo,Namegata city Toilet
37 Resting Place Okisu,Namegata city
38 Resting Place Hashikado,Namegata city
39 Kashimanada SeasidePark 390,Otake,Hokota city Parking/Toilet
40 Yasuzuka Park 1671,Yasuzuka,Hokota city Parking/Toilet
41 Oido Lakeside Park 2508-1,Shimotamari,Omitama city Parking/Toilet
42 Osugatsu Lakeside Agricultural Park 1569,Osugatsu,Miho village Parking/Toilet
43 Okadaira Shell Midden Park 2359,Tsuchiura,Miho village Parking/Toilet
44 Hikaritokazenooka Park 1470, Ukeryo,Miho Village Parking/Toilet
45 Kihara Castle Ruins Shiroyama Park 1714-1,Kihara,Miho village Parking/Toilet
46 Miho Road Park 1381,Magaki,Miho village Parking/Toilet
47 Resting Place Oyama,Miho Village
48 Resting Place Oyama,Miho Village Parking/Toilet
49 Kasumigaura Peace Memorial Park 5-1,Hasamado,Ami town Parking/Toilet

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